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“I am certain her coaching was a gift from the Universe at the exact time I needed it. So grateful to Cameron for her gift and truly can’t recommend her enough.”

- Molly, 28 

I’m on this planet to help women like you live in alignment with who you really, truly are, beyond all externals -- society, old stories, everything. I’m talking about who you are at your core. I help you live from a place of your truth, because you were put on this earth at this point in time for a reason: to be you

In terms of “job title”, I’m a life coach and holistic nutritionist.* With my nutrition and body knowledge, I bring a unique and holistic approach to my work and believe living your truth begins with tuning into your body and your powerful inner wisdom (we all have it). 

Too many of us live in little “should” boxes that block this inner wisdom and hold us back from living in our fullest, most awesome potential. 

I should stay in my miserable corporate job. 

I should be married, have 2 kids and a house by now. 

I should, I should, I should

I help you break free of the shoulds and simply do you.


*Cameron completed her life coaching training through Annaliese Koltermann’s program, Discover the Leader Within. She also received her holistic nutrition certification from Bauman College.