Life Lessons from Germany


Do you love traveling? It's one of my favorite things to do.

What I love most is it gives me the chance to reevaluate how I want to live my own life and incorporate bits and pieces of what I learn along the way.

I recently spent some time traveling in Germany (and a bit of Austria), and I've come back with so many amazing lessons, especially when it comes to designing your best life.

I'm so excited to share my top 3 favorites:

1 // You are not your job
There's a lot of pressure here in America to have a job/career that looks good on paper, and that used to give me tons of anxiety.

You too?

While I'm sure there are plenty of career-driven people in Germany, there doesn't seem to be such a big emphasis on having an awesome, impressive job. I spent the entire time with my boyfriend's German family who said "the hustle" simply doesn't exist there.

Most people are interested in hearing about your life outside of work. It's not about how impressive your job is, because it's true: you are not your job.

Isn't that refreshing?!

What would be possible if you focused more on what brings you joy instead of on the "hustle"?

2 // Relaxation is serious biz
Germans love going to beer gardens after work, and you know what they usually talk about? Anything BUT work. So many of us have our identities wrapped up in our jobs that it's a conversation default, but there's so much more to each of us than that!

Germany also has a law that states you have to take two weeks of consecutive vacation days off, 1x/year. AMAZING. I imagine this allows people to truly rest and recharge.

Although this isn't possible for most of us, when you do have time off (weekends or vacation), really take time off. Disconnect. Have fun. Enjoy life on your terms.

3 // Get outside and breathe fresh air
One thing I loved most about Germany was the outdoor lifestyle. Most people walk to town and go biking, swimming or rock climbing in their spare time. It's just part of the culture! 

Getting outside is so therapeutic. It's also a fantastic way to decrease mental chatter and tune into your own needs.

With lots of love and bratwurst ;),

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