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Cameron holds space for me like I have never had before. I am free to be my raw, open self, to express my hopes, fears, ambitions, shadows, in a place of no judgement, clarity, and guidance. 

I truly reach an elevated state, and I have done more in my few months with her, than I tried for years to do by myself. Emotionally. Physically. Professionally. Mentally. 

So whether you just need a little push forward, or are looking for some deeper clarity in your life, Cameron is the support and the guide to help you get there. 


"I began working with Cameron during a difficult transition point in my life. I was feeling lost, insecure, and full of doubt about next steps internally and externally.

To say Cameron helped me get through it is an understatement. Cameron instantly made me feel at ease and listened with true compassion + presence. Each time, she guided me exactly where I needed to go and helped me tune into my own internal voice. I am certain her coaching was a gift from the Universe at the exact time I needed it. So grateful to Cameron for her gift and truly can’t recommend her enough!"

-Molly, 28

Personal Stylist

I started my coaching sessions with Cameron right as I transitioned into full time photography. All the feelings that came up as a solo-preneur in the service industry, Cameron was able to coach me through with grace and empowerment.

Cameron shared tools I will use for life and with every session, I gained more and more confidence in my ability to thrive in both business and my personal life.

I cannot recommend Cameron enough and if you're starting your coaching journey with her- you've just made one of the best decisions to invest in yourself for the long haul.

-Kerry, 26

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

"Immediately my inability or unwillingness to open up to other people and be vulnerable was what our sessions focused on. Cameron asked hard hitting questions that made me get to the bottom of my emotions and my actions. I was able to come to conclusions on my own that deeply resonated with me thanks to her guidance.

Cameron’s way of both reassuring but also questioning me was what made this so transformative. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with her and how much growth occurred in such a short amount of time."

-Kelley, 25

"Working with Cameron was life-changing for me. [Her] approach to my issues was refreshing and also comforting. She re-shaped my thought process around my diet and I finally know which foods most positively affect my body and mind. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with such an inspiring and supportive coach!"

-Isabelle, 27

"After working together, I feel powerful and able. I feel that if I DON'T share my gifts with the world, the world will be missing something truly special. With Cameron's help, I feel rooted in my WHY and that's fueling me as I create an abundant business."

-Wendy, 27

"I have the power inside of me to make any changes!"

-Brittany, 28

"Cameron was such a pleasure to work with on setting (and achieving!) my health goals. I highly recommend her services and look forward to continuing to work with her!"

-Julie, 36