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“I started the session feeling anxious and overwhelmed about everything I felt I needed to achieve and talking with Cameron helped me to reevaluate what is the most important and where to prioritize my goals. I left our conversation excited to tackle this next month!”

- Jenn, 26 

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Get super clear about your next 90 days on this planet?  

Take aligned action? 

Design goals that feel good in your soul?

Create a roadmap to make your dreams a reality? 


The Goals with Soul session is your chance to be in touch with your dreams, goals, desires and visions for the next 90 days. It’s an opportunity for you to cultivate a relationship with whatever it is you want in your life and design a super clear action plan to help get you there. 

It's all about getting in tune with what you actually want, need and desire for the next 3 months, not what you "should" be wanting, needing or desiring. Sometimes this looks like totally crushing tangible goals (like a job promotion or income goal) and sometimes it looks like dedicating an entire month to getting quiet and tuning out the noise in your life. Or, somewhere in between.

What's most important is your goals are in alignment with the true you, and I help you figure that out.

This is designing goals with lots of soul. 


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  • One 60-minute goal-setting session via phone
  • A goal-setting packet with reflections + worksheet, delivered via email before our session 
  • Unlimited email support for one (1) week following the session 
  • 90-day goals that are aligned with what you actually desire (not what you think you should have) 
  • Crystal clear action steps to make your desires a reality
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The Investment: $79

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