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“Cameron’s way of both reassuring but also questioning me was what made this so transformative. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with her and how much growth occurred in such a short amount of time.”

-Kelly, 25 


My 2-month private coaching program is all about you as a whole person: your desires, pleasures, loves, values, goals, work, family, balance, personalities, fulfillment and life purpose. I work with you to develop your own road map and definition of success.

As your coach, you are my priority. I help you tap into, trust and take action on your powerful inner wisdom, so you can live aligned with who you actually are at your core, because you were put on this earth at this point in time for a reason: to be unapologetically you. 

I help you gain clarity around what it is you actually desire for your life and challenge you to live into that (with lots of deep work in between). We dig into fears and limiting beliefs, goals and dreams, and so much more. 

I challenge, I question, I support, I cheer, I’m in it with you. 

Here's what you get:

One free 1-hour Discovery Session
Seven (7) weekly coaching sessions (1 hour) via phone
A curated welcome packet
Unlimited email support during coaching duration
Personalized SOULwork to work on between sessions
Additional reading + resources as needed

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  • Say YES to your dreams and desires + are willing to take radical action
  • Transform your limiting beliefs + fears
  • Stretch beyond where you've gone before
  • Get to know the real you - who you are at your core
  • Commit yourself to this coaching process
  • Invest in yourself

>>>> If you fall into this category, then I’d love to hear from you. Book a free connection call here so we can get to know each other. It’s a low pressure, no obligation opportunity to see if we jive.  

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  • You’re looking to work through trauma
  • You’re seeking therapeutic services 
  • You have a serious mental illness
  • You’re aren’t willing to get out of your comfort zone and be challenged
  • You can’t truly commit yourself to the coaching process
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself 




Who tends to work well with coaches? 

  • People in transition, entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone wanting to make positive changes throughout their life
  • Anyone who is ready and willing to move forward in a life-affirming way, have their beliefs challenged, and step outside of their comfort zone 
  • Those who are already committed to personal evolution and ready to take it to the next level  


What does a typical coaching session look like? 

All coaching sessions are conducted on the phone, but no two sessions are alike. You always bring the coaching topic to the call, so what we do each time varies. In general though,  you can expect to go deep (working through fears and limiting beliefs), sometimes move your body, write, answer and reflect on challenging questions, turn your beliefs upside down, shift your perspective, and so much more.  


What can I expect to get out of coaching?  

Results of life coaching vary from client to client, and I never make guarantees. But, if you do the work and are committed, at the end of our coaching people tend to feel more aligned with who they truly are, which translates into all different parts of their lives -- their career, relationships, and more. They tend to gain clarity around what it is they actually want their life to look like, and are in the middle of or are ready to take action on making that a reality. Many clients have busted through limiting beliefs, become more in tune with their bodies and have stepped into living their truth.


To get an even better idea, check out what some of my clients are saying.