Hey there! I'm Cameron

My life’s work revolves around empowering women to step into their happiest, healthiest selves, and I do this through holistic nutrition and lifestyle counseling that’s grounded in balance and self-love.

Using a foundation of scientific research blended with unique personal experience, I will help you discover your space of balance. This means you’re nourishing your body, mind and spirit in a way that feels good to you. No deprivation, no obsessing, no self-hate.

Guess what? You already have the tools to get there, and I’m here to support you, guide you and educate you every step of the way.

Ready to dive in? Let’s chat.

my story

For years I struggled with anxiety, depression and poor body image. Disordered eating and over exercising was my way of dealing with these intense emotions and – like many women – a never ending pursuit of the “perfect body”. (Every body is beautiful and worthy of love.)

To most people I seemed happy and confident but behind closed doors, I was moody, miserable and on the edge of breaking down. Little did I know my “healthy” habits like using artificial sweeteners, choosing exercise over a social life and obsessive food tracking were huge factors in my struggle. I pinched my belly fat every day and thought a thigh gap was more important than eating. I was barely getting the nutrients I needed, and my body was exhausted. My spirit was depleted. I was so out of tune with myself and the natural flow of life.

I was resistant for a long time, but I finally sought help from a counselor (I highly recommend therapy!) who nudged me to begin a healing journey.


I tried my first yoga class to relieve anxiety. I began slowly, maybe one or two classes per week. Through guided meditation and the example of amazing yoga teachers, I started to learn what it meant to like – even love – myself. A newfound love of yoga turned into an interest in nutrition which led to an overhaul of my diet and lifestyle. This changed my life. Several years and a few career changes later, I’ve transformed my experience into a life dedicated to empowering women; those that seek to improve their health and lifestyle for the sake of LIVING FULLY!  

You deserve to step into your healthiest, happiest self. Let’s do this together.

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