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Looking in the mirror and smiling 

Eating what you want with zero guilt 

Exercising to feel awesome, not burn calories 

Loving and accepting your body right here, right now

It’s all possible! 


My 1:1 coaching program is designed to get you to this place; to feel more confident, alive, free and at ease throughout your life. We dive deep to help you move through fears, limiting beliefs and anything else that’s holding you back from falling in love with your body and feeling free around food.  I meet you exactly where you are. Over 3 months, we’ll work together to create lasting changes that make sense for you and your unique life. 


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  • Twelve (12) weekly coaching sessions (45 minutes) via phone, Skype or FaceTime 

  • A curated welcome package 

  • Unlimited email support during coaching duration 

  • Personalized goals to work on between sessions 

  • Access to my supportive Facebook community 

  • Free access to my current group courses

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  • Improving body image 

  • Eating intuitively 

  • Breaking up with negative self-talk 

  • Clearing clutter throughout your life 

  • Setting healthy boundaries 

  • How to tune into your body 

  • Designing a less stressful life 

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If you’re… 

ready to transform your life 

willing to trust me 

excited to create lasting changes 

able to commit to this process 

open to new perspectives 

willing to challenge your fears 

open to being vulnerable

Then let’s do this! 


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